Going with a “turn-key” approach to this construction process allows the home buyer to stay within a certain budget.   Miller Building will provide an allowance sheet for certain areas of the project such as lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, carpet, etc.   These allowances will be included in the estimated total cost.  This allows Miller Building to give an accurate and precise bid that the company can stand behind and the buyer can fully understand.   Most home buyers do not know if a $4000 lighting allowance is an adequate amount or inadequate amount for the size of home they are building.  This is where “trusting” your contractor comes into play.  Miller Building has proven over the years that honesty will pay off in the long term.  Purposely decreasing several allowances to lower the bid price is not the way to do business.  Eventually, the buyer realizes that the allowances were well below what they should be.   They soon come to terms with the least expensive bid is never the best one to take.

We will provide a detailed spec sheet of all products that will be used to build the house.  This a detailed list of everything from what psi concrete is used in the footing to what pound carpet pad is laid.  We will explain the spec sheet in detail until it is fully understood by all parties.   This way the buyer knows exactly what is being bid and exactly what we will be installing.   We can choose many of the items even before the final bid to ensure that the buyer understands exactly what is going into each allowance amount.