Andrew Miller, Owner
General Contractor, Affiliate Broker
B.S. in Business Administration – Finance
Master of Business Administration – General

Miller Building Company, Inc. is a general contractor in the Chattanooga area focusing on residential new construction and substantial additions. The founder, Andrew Miller, has been in the construction industry for over 15 years. While in graduate school studying for his M.B.A., Andrew worked in residential landscaping and irrigation mainly for general contractors. He began seeing a trend where several builders began encountering problems with almost every home that they built. These problems came up due to poor building practices and corners being “cut”. In the end, the builders had to spend three times more money to correct the problem that occurred than if they did it right the first time. The homes were completed looking cosmetically pleasing, but what was unseen by the home buyers was well below par. This is where a “do it right the first time” philosophy was going to be the cornerstone of his business.

Andrew also has had his real estate affiliate broker license for over 10 years. He is currently affiliated with Realty Gallery Signature, LLC. This license has given Andrew access to information and knowledge that is essential to understanding the industry in general, current market trends, and desirable building sites and subdivisions.


Andrew started in the construction business with a goal in mind to build homes that exuded craftsmanship and details on the outside, but also always have the “guts” of the house held to that same standard. Through the years of building Miller Building has always stayed steady on one premise; do it right the first time, no matter what. And yes, sometimes doing it right does cost more money. Through past experiences that were seen while landscaping for other contractors, cutting corners just doesn’t make sense in the long term. Miller Building will always take pride in their workmanship and always build a high quality home regardless of the budget. Simply put, build a home that will last!


What does the word “Quality” mean in the world of home building?  “Quality” is a relative term used throughout the construction industry. It could have a broad spectrum of meaning depending on who is delivering the term. When Miller Building constructs a home from the ground up, we are thinking about the materials and craftsmanship that will last for years to come…not just what will last to get us past the one year builder’s warranty. “Quality” starts with a firm foundation for the home to stand and ends with the last walk through with the home buyer. “Quality” is ensured by the owner being an on-site contractor. Andrew is a contractor that believes that the “hands on” approach will always produce a better product than simply driving up to the jobsite every 3 days, pointing fingers, and then leaving. Andrew will work side-by-side with every tradesman to ensure that his clients’ overall vision is met. Every meticulous detail and decision is made by the owner of the company. “Quality” is being proud of every home the company builds.


As a general contractor, Miller Building Company, Inc. relies on subcontractors and skilled tradesmen. Without excellent tradesmen that understand the builder’s goals, a quality house is not possible. Andrew has been using many of the same subcontractors since the inception of the business. These relationships are an important aspect for the business successfully completing a quality home. Repeatedly using the same tradesmen will allow them to fully understand what is expected of them each and every time they walk onto a Miller Building jobsite.

Miller Building also has a secure and long lasting relationship with a local bank, a local title company, and local insurance companies. These all help the business run smoothly throughout the construction process whether it is a speculative home or a custom home.